School Aims

“Achieving High Standards by Demanding Excellence”

We are Longfield – an 11-16 school with a relentless determination to achieve the best possible outcomes for its pupils. We are a school that aims high.

Core values are at the heart of everything we do at Longfield from the expectations in the classroom and around school to representing the school in competition and in the community. The values are an integral part of the school PSHE, assembly and house systems and so are engrained within the school culture. The values are evident from the moment you step into the school.

Respect, Excellence, Achievement and Determination is what is expected of pupils, staff, parents/carers and Governors to ensure the highest standards at Longfield and provides the pupils with not only the best grades but the best moral code that will serve them when they leave school.

School Values


Pupils at Longfield are expected to:

Read for leisure as often as possible and as part of the PSHE programme.

Develop their reading and comprehension of more difficult texts.

Through reading develop new skills and knowledge.