Attendance and Punctuality

Longfield recognises the importance of full attendance and aims to ensure that all pupils achieve and maintain high standards of attendance and punctuality. We are committed to providing a full and efficient educational experience for all pupils.

We feel that our parents/carers provide the school with outstanding support. Our parents/carers understand that they have a responsibility to aid the education process and they ensure that pupils attend regularly, on time, and in a suitable condition to learn. Longfield parents/carers appreciate that regular attendance is a prerequisite to a good education and therefore a priority for the school.



Please click here to download the Leave of Absence Request Form.

Please click here to view the letter from our Headteacher regarding absence in term-time.

Please click here to download the Attendance/Punctuality Information Booklet for parents/carers.

New parents/carers to Longfield – please click here to download the letter from our Headteacher.


Attendance Reward League Tables

To encourage all pupils to realise the importance of good attendance and punctuality, not only to achieve their full potential at school, but also their life goals, we have introduced a monitoring system which incorporates rewards and consequences.

We have introduced an initiative which encourages team work called ‘Attendance Reward League Tables’. Our form groups are divided into six leagues, according to their percentage attendance. At the end of every term, the top two tutor groups in each league are rewarded and promoted and the bottom two are relegated.

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