Most able pupils are identified using KS2 data. These are typically pupils who achieve a level 6 or above in their primary school assessments. At Longfield, most able pupils follow a tiered curriculum ensuing that there is a high level of challenge throughout key stage three, resulting in the highest possible outcomes at GCSE.

Teaching staff personalise the strategies used for all pupils based on their individual starting points and encourage the most able pupils to think creatively, problem solve and understand high level concepts.

The English, Maths and Science faculties have a member of staff who is responsible for the progress of our most able pupils. Pupils benefit from extra-curricular opportunities such as participation in regional and national competitions, educational visits to universities, an extensive STEM programme, debating club, ELITE performance in PE and our annual Literature Conference. The school is currently working with the National Association for Able Children in Education to secure their challenge award.